Protection template file-format

To use the filesigner you must create a template file containing a list of all files to include in the database.
Each line in the template file contains a single file record. The line format is: file:<path_from_equ8dir>[, <filepath>]
path_from_equ8dir needs a bit of explanation. This is the relative path from the EQU8 client-components directory to the file to be validated. This is also the directory where you must put the database file.
In other words, client[x86|x64].equ8.dll checks the directory where the DLL resides for the database file equ8.db, and from there path_from_equ8dir is the relative path to the protected file.
filepath is only used when creating the database and points to the file to sign. It is an optional parameter that can be omitted if you are running filesigner with a working directory that makes path_from_equ8dir and the filepath identical.