EQU8 Documentation

Configuring EQU8 Launcher

First, download your launcher config file from the EQU8 control panel. Next, have a look inside the configuration file to make sure everything matches your installation.
  • game_config::game Relative path from this file to the game binary.
  • game_config::game_arch Architecture of game. native will select what binaries to download from the OS-architecture. If the game is always and 32-bit, set to x86.
  • game_config::equ8_dir Relative path from this file to the client-side EQU8 directory.
  • game_config::launcher_title Title to use with in the EQU8 Launcher window.
  • game_config::server EQU8 download servers (leave as is).
  • game_config::title Your internal title ID (leave as is).
  • game_config::api EQU8 API version (leave as is).
  • game_config::title_data Internal data. (leave as is).
Put the config file, together with the EQU8 Launcher binary found in the SDK archive in the root of your game installation and run EQU8 Launcher. This will download the latest EQU8 binaries from our CDN and launch the game when ready.