Protection Template Example

Lets assume this is what your game installation looks like:
| game.exe
| mylauncher.equ8.exe
| | engine.dll
| |
| +---thirdparty
| libpng.dll
| agent.x64.equ8.exe
| client.x64.equ8.dll
| (equ8.db)
| sensitive_texture.png
In the example, all paths should be relative to the equ8 directory. We will be running the filesigner from the root, so we must also provide the filepath.
Content of template file (Note that you should not include EQU8 binaries):
file: ../game.exe, game.exe
file: ../engine/engine.dll, engine/engine.dll
file: ../engine/thirdparty/libpng.dll, engine/thirdparty/libpng.dll
file: ../resources/sensitive_texture.png, resources/sensitive_texture.png
file: ../resources/shaders/pixel.shader, resources/shaders/pixel.shader
file: ../resources/shaders/vertex.shader, resources/shaders/vertex.shader